Why we have to do this project


Why we have to do this project It is very important to teach young generation with the feelings of tolerance and openness towards other nations in the globalizing. The best way to do it is to meet, discuss, talk and play together. It is necessary to have an interaction and communication among people and communities in the fields of culture, religion, ...

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What should we do?


After the admission of our Project by our agent, the Coordinating Institution should form a mailing list so as to provide communication among partners, including students. In the course of preparing our project, we will ask all of our partners to keep regular and systematic contacts among all schools participating in our Project. We a should communicate each other regularly ...

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The measures against the project risks


Any conflict that may arise among the partners should be resolved by discussion and mutual understanding. All decisions related to the project is taken with ensuring unanimously between partners. İf we can’t ensure unanimously between all partners, we shall be take the majority of the votes and everyone must abide to the taken decisions. Everyone is convinced and motivated to ...

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Fairy Tale video (content and links)


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EUdoll travel diary


EUDOLL The child-appropriate partnership symbol – a doll – was named EUdoll. Children play with dolls and puppets and in so doing, transfer their own imaginary identities to their toys. The participants use this phenomena in their project work. Through play she demonstrates to the children the concept of project cooperation. In a playful way the children learn: you and ...

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Effective communication and cooperation between the participating schools 1- E-twinning platform in diary form and as basis for the regular exchange of information and ideas 2- A joint internet site for the project, to be used by teachers, pupils and parents 3- Video conferences (chats), ideally separate for teachers and pupils 4-A virtual calendar to facilitate the planning of internet ...

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