Linguistic diversity


Linguistic diversity One of the main objects of our project is the acknowledgement of the linguistic diversity among our students. Kids now how important it is to be undestood by others and a different language could be a serious barrier. This is why, in our school, we organised a series of cultural events to help student communicate better. One of ...

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First project meeting, Turkey


First project meeting, Turkey The first meeting took place in our coordinator’s school in Afion, Turkey, in November 2014. Here all the teachers envolved had the chance to share their experiences and teaching methods. We also learned about the Turkish Educational System and we had the opportunity to observe and share good practice.Thecollaboration between teachers and students helped the professional development ...

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Fairy tales presentation


Fairy tales presentation For our second transnational meeting in Latvia we prepaired a presentation of the 2 most known Romanian fairytales as a result of the questionnaire given in our school. In the primary school we organised a contest and students created drawings based on those 2 stories: “Salt in Dishes” and “The Little Pyrse with 2 Half-pennies”. Salt in ...

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ERASMUS+ Corner Our school has a “museum” where teachers and students donated various traditional things collected from their grandparents’ houses. This is the perfect place to integrate our project, Thouch the Magic of Fairytales who deals with traditions, customs and cultural values of each country. After every meeting, students had the chance to talk about the similarities and the diffrences ...

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