Distribution Of Task

Distribution Of Task

TURKEY is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the project in all partner schools. Turkey will develop a unique project LOGO, reflecting the joint work of the cooperating countries, as well as fairy tale elements with Romania.

CZECH REPUBLİC is responsible for the production of the 2015 calendar with pictures, text and the vacation periods from all participating countries. The depicting the region, locale and the school of each partner he calendar will be written in all the languages of the participating schools, as well as in English and will provide the school holiday dates of the individual schools.

LATVIA will facilitate quick communication, forwarding of documents and to permit insight into the project work of participating partners; to create an eTwinning-plattform for communication/website /FACEBOOK. ”registration of all partners”. Having extensive experience in eTwinning, will implement and maintain the website.

ROMANIA is responsible for the compilation of a dictionary dealing with the new project theme and including fairy tale terminology. This dictionary will reflect all the languages of the participating schools, as well as English, as the common working language.

PORTUGAL will develop a questionnaire to be used in the evaluation of the project upon completion. Portugal will also provide the as-yet undressed Eudoll.

SPAİN is responsible for the writing of documents (reports) and the correct translation into English. Spain, having extensive experience in e-Twinning, will implement and maintain the web site, as initiator of Eudoll and her storybook Spain will introduce those partners inexperienced in eTwinning to the new network at the start of the project.

GREECE will provide digital documentation (powerpoint presentations, DVDs etc.) using photo- and film material provided by the participating partners; Greece will develop 2016 calendar with the fairy tale theme, including school holiday dates. The calendar will be prepared in the native languages of all project partners, as well as English. The calendar will include contributions from the pupils of all partner countries, as well as commentaries.The calendar will use the native languages of all project partners, as well as English.

POLAND is responsible for the production of the 2017 calendar with fotos of project and students. Comparison of fairy tales from various countries- to develop a “book with pictures” (TMOFT) of a fairy tale from the own country (front) in comparison to a fairy tale from a partner country (back); to present the composed books in all countries.



1- Prepare the agenda of issues discussed in the Project meeting and send all of the partners before Project meetings

2- Manage the meetings and prepare the report about undertaken activities

3- Determine the topic which will be discussed in the next meeting



1-Ensure participation of the guest students with host students in class activities and lessons.

2-Ensure that the Erasmus + meeting has a clear agenda, host partner schools by meeting and greeting at the airport, organise or suggest accommodation and devise a programme of activities and class visits.


1-Coordinate the activities and the contacts among the partner schools

2-Carry out the activities according to the planned programme and timetable

3-Keep in touch with the partner schools


NOTE = All the participating schools will be aware that a project is the outcome of equal collaboration between all participating institutions. Therefore, all partners have equal input in the planning and development of project activities.

All the stakeholders will have an active role during the project activities like, playing with balloons in the colours of the flags of all participating countries, project logo and flag competition, questionnaires, the presentation of a fairy tale and making a film, invitation of parents, grandparents or professional tellers of fairy tales, learning songs belonging to fairy tales, performing a play about fairy tales, creating pictures of fairy tales for the calendar 2016, staying overnight at school for a “night of literature”, developing a “book with pictures(TMOFT), school festivals, exhibitions, producing a dictionary of fairy tales, seminars and meetings.


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